Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Warning about taking the train to Charles de Gaulle

If you’re travelling from north-western France, it is quite likely that you may wish to fly from Charles de Gaulle at some point during your stay (either to fly back home or to commence new adventures) as Easyjet often have cheap flights.

Yet if you are flying from the Nantes direction towards Lille (via CDG), take caution!  The journey is rather odd and at the Le Mans station, two trains (coming from different directions) will join, leading to a rather irritating delay – especially as the second train generally arrives five minutes after the trains should have left! With this in mind, you will almost always arrive at the airport 20-25 minutes late. Considering check-in closes 35 minutes before the departure on an Easyjet flight, it is easy to imagine that one hour before you flight would give you enough time to check in. Do not make that mistake, just take the earlier train and read your Kindle while you wait.

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