Wednesday, 21 December 2011

French Fact – the clic clac

I thought I would dedicate this first ‘French Fact’ to the mystery of the clic clac, a word that many of the assistants in Le Mans have come to love, simply because of the nature of the word. Well you’re probably wondering by now what exactly a clic clac is. My hint: think about the sound. As you move it around, it clics and it clacs; figured it out yet?

It’s a sofabed. The French are linguistic genii, are they not?

Monday, 19 December 2011

Petits trucs

I often think of a number of random little trucs (things/tidbits) that I find interesting to do with my year abroad but will not post them because I haven’t written a proper update. What I think I will do though, instead, is as well as updating my blog (hopefully more often) is writing about these random facts for your amusement. So do start to expect in your inboxes – or at least on this blog – a number of additional very short posts with a short interesting detail about my French life.